search engine optimization
Why Do I Need SEO Services?

90% of users find new sites through search engines.

80% of search engine users don't browse the results deeper than first two pages.

75% of online purchases and orders are made on websites found through search engines.

80% of Internet users browse search engines every day.

95% of users consider sites found through search engines being the leaders in their market field.

Search engine browsing is the most popular kind of Internet activity along with email usage.

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Search Engine Marketing and PPC Management

You've probably noticed while making your searches in Google and other major search engines "Sponsored Links" that appear at the very top and down the right side. These are pay per click advertising listings shown for particular keywords used in the process of PPC campaign setup. Advertiser pays only when someone clicks on his Ad and bids vary over time, depending on the competition.

Main benefits of search engine marketing and PPC is that your Sponsored Ads appear right after the campaign is set up and for particular keywords you choose. You can also vary bids and daily budget to get maximum ROI (return on investment) and conversions. Keywords may also be changed whenever it seems suitable.

PPC marketing is ideal for supplementing organic search engine optimization services as it takes time before you get traffic from "natural" listings and PPC generates you targeted traffic immediately. Although organic SEO is much more effective in the long run, pay per click advertising could also bring a lot of prospective clients to your website. We offer the full service search engine marketing solutions, including PPC management in Google search and content network (Google Adwords) and Yahoo Search and network (Yahoo Marketing). We make necessary keyword research to ensure that only relevant keywords are chosen and include only those with the better conversion rate. This means that you'll get maximum return on investment on every dollar spent.

When most of search engine marketing firms charge up to 30% of monthly spending for PPC management and hundreds or even thousands of dollars as setup fees, we charge only a flat fee for initial setup and 5% of spending for PPC marketing campaign management.

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